Hey I'm Christina Thomas,✨ aka @somethingsparkley. I'm an artist, not a writer lol.  I'll keep this brief - I create to remind myself of who I am. And hopefully to remind you of who you are as well.  (Magical af and infinite). I create art to lift veils...I believe in parallel universes or one universe with infinite possibilities for expansion. 


Each art piece is truly unique as my works vary in medium; I'm always inspired by different materials and I love to use them in weird ways, be it a portrait made out of tiny rainbow star stickers for example.  I don't limit myself; I make all kinds of things like paintings, murals, sculptures, photos, art videos, clothing, and I've even designed things like lamps and building facades.  


I'm never sure how to describe my work but someone once told me my work is "virtue and whimsy, surreal and macabre." Whatever it is, it's probably sparkly af.


I'm always looking for special projects such as murals and building decoration, art installations, commissions and custom orders, sky's the limit!  Just drop me a line :) divinesparkle@me.com 


 To see behind the scenes in my studio or new work, follow me on Instagram