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Unique murals you haven't seen anywhere else!

     Hello and thank you for stopping by!  If you are looking to commission me to makeover the inside or outside of your business, home, gallery, or wherever!, then keep reading to find out about the cost as well as the fun and easy process of commissioning artwork.

Christina Thomas the artist placing plexiglass stars on her mural at Hotel McCoy in Tucson Arizona

Photo by Lynette Leroux


When you commission me to do a mural for you, you won't get a regular boring mural with the same ol' theme.  You are getting artwork that people will say "wow, I've never seen anything like that before!"


Christina Thomas' "Essence of Trees" mural closeup of one tree with plexiglass stars

This is a section of a mixed media mural that I did for Hotel McCoy in Tucson Arizona.  It's called "Essence of Trees".


I create one of a kind, mixed media murals, which is just a fancy way of saying that besides paint, I use other materials in the artwork...Materials like glass, acrylic sheet, glitter, etc.  An example would be the mural above which has acrylic stars that I cut out.  See below for close ups. 

Ceiling painted with stars and yellow plexiglass stars on top

Yellow acrylic sheet I cut into four pointed stars and placed on top of the mural

Ceiling spray painted with stars and yellow plexiglass stars on top

I also created a custom glitter mix for the mural...


closeup of the rainbow glass glitter in Christina Thomas' "Essence of Trees" mural at Hotel McCoy

Closeup image of the glass glitter used in the ground of the "Essence of Trees" mural.



I use the best quality materials that are suited for the environment they are in.  I only use special mural paints, primers and sealants to protect your mural and keep it lasting for years to come.  For added materials such as glass and acrylic, I use specific adhesives that are formulated to last a lifetime even in harsh weather conditions.  

Christina Thomas the artist painting a mural at Hotel McCoy in Tucson ArizonaPrepping a wall with the best quality primer


The Process:

First we'll talk about your wall(s) or space you want to makeover, such as size and location, and any general ideas you might have.  If you're not sure what to do with the space and have no idea, don't worry, I'm more than happy to come up with a design for you!  Once the idea is approved, I will do a rough sketch to scale.  Please see Pricing below for the sketch deposit cost. 


Rough sketch of Christina Thomas' mural "Essence of Trees" which is located in the hallway of Hotel McCoy in Tucson Arizona

Rough 1st draft of mural design 


Sometimes the idea may need to be refined, here the client and I decided to go with a darker color scheme...

Small mockup design sketch for Christina Thomas' mural "Essence of Trees"

2nd and final sketch  


Affordable Pricing!

Once we've nailed down your project details I will give you a flat price.  Click here to learn more about the cost of your mural.   


Before photo of hallway at Hotel McCoy before the mural was painted



The after result photo of the hallway at Hotel McCoy after the mural was painted



Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions at all or to set up an appointment to talk about your mural!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you so much,

The artist Christina Thomas' signature cut out of pink mirrored Plexiglas acrylic sheet